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  • Examine the legal implications of blood-taking.

  • Understand the relevant Professional codes of practice and working to in-house policies

  • Explore the reasons for taking blood

  • Understand the principles of asepsis in blood-taking

  • Review appropriate anatomy and physiology of blood vessels and circulation

  • Handle and familiarise themselves with equipment and its preparation

  • Describe the preparation of client and environment

  • Discuss the best time to obtain samples

  • Describe how to choose and identify a site for blood-taking

  • Explain the procedure of blood-taking. Demonstration and practice

  • Participate in and practice with various blood taking systems

  • Discuss issues of Health and Safety

  • Explore the prevention and treatment of needle-stick injuries

  • Outline the correct procedure for packing, labelling and despatching samples

  • Outline the proper disposal of used equipment

  • Discuss the special precautions and methods

  • Discussion of trouble shooting in relation to particular client groups such as the frail elderly and those with challenging behaviour


Who is the course aimed at?


Trained staff and senior carers


Cost and Duration:


3 Hours £25.00 Per person or £210.00 per course

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