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Tissue Viability and Prevention of

Pressure Sores




  • Describe the nature of wounds likely to be sustained by residents in care

  • Describe the structure and functions of the skin in the elderly

  • Discuss the carers role in caring for a clients skin, hygiene, dignity and self esteem

  • Discuss the likely effects of trauma and shearing force to the skin

  • Discuss the first aid of wounds from initial assessment, treatment, to onward care

  • Understand the process of wound healing and the carers role in this

  • Describe the requirements for nutrition and wound management in the elderly

  • Understand the factors which may increase a clients likelihood of skin breakdown

  • Undertake a ‘Waterlow’ risk assessment on a client in their care

  • Identify the predisposing conditions to the development of pressure sores

  • Describe the care required of a clients skin to prevent pressure sores

  • Describe the moving and handling requirements to prevent shearing forces

  • Explain the overall treatment and care to prevent pressure sores

  • Discuss how risk awareness may prevent injury to the frail and elderly

  • Describe the procedure for replacing dressings in the event of wound exposure

  • Explain the procedure for reporting and recording wounds from injury to resolution


Who is the course aimed at?


All care staff


Cost and Duration:


3 Hours £25.00 Per person or £210.00 per course

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