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Person Centred Care




  • Describe the principles of person-centred thinking in maintaining an individual’s independence and self-esteem

  • Demonstrate an awareness of the principles of working with a client to ensure a strengths-based approach to care

  • Describe how to assess what is important to an individual

  • Describe what is important for an individual to achieve a high quality of life

  • Recognise that you have an obligation to treat individuals with respect when addressing care needs and supporting them to make choices

  • Understand how to identify your core responsibilities in caring for an individual

  • Describe your role in enabling and encouraging individuals to use their own judgement and creativity

  • Describe your role in involving individuals in their own care as much as is practicable

  • Describe how teamwork helps to set and maintain a high quality of care

  • Identify your role in maintaining complete, accurate and legible records

  • Identify the process of ensuring continuity and consistency in the delivery of care

  • Describe what you should do if you have concerns about maintaining good care practices

  • Understand how to match staff to the needs of the individual

Who is the course aimed at?


All care staff


Cost and Duration:


3 Hours £25.00 Per person or £210.00 per course

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