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Moving and Handling




  • A practiced based session involving demonstration by trainer and practice by course members
  • Revision of the principles of handling (see handout)
  • Revision of the ergonomics of movement / self assessment

  • Demonstrate an awareness of the effects of sensory loss and its importance in safe transfer

  • Discuss the importance of establishing co-operation and consent prior to undertaking a move

  • Warm up/conditioning exercises, assess clients level of ability

  • Engaging the client in their moving and handling / work to their strengths

  • Preparation of person for standing: moving forward / preparation of feet

  • Assisting person to stand: with side support of 1/2 person(s).

  • Assisting to toilet stand various methods

  • Walking: with support of 1/2 person(s)

  • Sitting: with 1/2 person(s)

  • Chair to chair transfers: various methods

  • Moving person back in chair: various methods 1/2 person(s)

  • Bridging: with one or both knee(s)

  • Moving across the bed: with and without slidesheet

  • Rolling and turning onto side / various methods

  • Discussion re: banned lifts including the drag lift

  • Assisting person from being layed flat to sitting: support of 1-2 people

  • Moving up the bed: both supine and seated / use of transfer sheet; two people

  • Laying down to sitting over edge of bed: roll onto side method

  • Hoisting – (this is a 2 person technique) all candidates have had hands- on experience during the session

  • Use of system various stand aids

  • Use of rotunda


Who is the course aimed at?


All care staff


Cost and Duration:


6 Hours £37.50 per person or £325.00 per course

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