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Infection Control and Prevention




  • Describe the process of infection and colonisation a) systemic b) local


  • Describe the differences between harmful and helpful bacteria

  • Demonstrate an awareness of the process of infection / infestation spread

  • Identify the conditions which enable the spread of infection / infestation

  • Describe the preventive measures which carers may take to reduce the spread of infection / infestation

  • Explain the process of correctly handling, storing and disposing of potentially hazardous waste

  • Describe the decontamination techniques in identified low, medium and high risk situations

  • Outline the specific national legislation and internal work policy related to infection prevention and control

  • Describe the roles and responsibilities of care workers (particularly oneself) in relation to infection prevention and control

  • Reporting to and accessing guidance and support from an ‘appropriate person’ with regards to ANY concerns over infection prevention and control measures

  • Explain how micro-organisms cause infection including signs and

Who is the course aimed at?


All care staff


Cost and Duration:


3 Hours £25.00 Per person or £210.00 per course

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