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Epilepsy Awareness



  • Understand the different types of Epilepsy including definitions

  • Understand how the diagnosis of Epilepsy is made

  • Understand the role and responsibilities of the carer with regard to the treatment of Epilepsy

  • Describe the nature and use of drugs used to treat epilepsy

  • Understand the role and responsibilities of the worker with regard to safeguarding the individual with epilepsy

  • Explain the carers role in the first aid treatment of an epileptic seizure

  • Understand the importance of recognising the various forms that a seizure may take

  • Describe some of the predisposing triggers to an epileptic seizure

  • Explain the stages that an epileptic seizure may take

  • Describe the carers role in managing an epileptic seizure

  • Describe how the dignity of the individual may be maintained during and after a seizure

  • Explain the carers role in reporting and recording on a seizure

  • Understand the legislation, regulations and guidance that govern the ability of an individual with epilepsy to drive

  • Understand the use of buccal midazolam in the treatment of epilepsy


Who is the course aimed at?


This course is aimed at all care staff both as initial learning and a refresher.


Cost and Duration:


3 Hours £25.00 per person or £210.00 per course


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