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Continence Care

including Stoma Care



  • Explain the anatomy & physiology of the urinary tract

  • Explain the Anatomy & physiology of the large bowel

  • Examine the causes of incontinence of urine

  • Examine the causes of incontinence of faeces

  • Outline the management of a client with a catheter. Urethral and Supra-pubic.

  • Demonstrate and practice the use of convenes

  • Discuss how to ensure psychological care - Dignity and Privacy
  • Discuss normal and abnormal bowel habit

  • Demonstrate and practice the fitting and removal of a stoma bag on model

  • Outline the responsibilities for the observation & reporting of change to the stoma and bag contents


Who is the course aimed at?


This course is aimed at all care staff both as initial learning and a refresher.


Cost and Duration:


3 Hours £25.00 Per person or £210.00 per course

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