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Catheterisation and Supra-pubic Catheterisation



  • Outline the legal implications of catheterisation
  • Discuss the professional codes of practice and working to in-house policies
  • Explore the reasons for catheterisation:- male, female and supra-pubic
  • Review of appropriate anatomy and physiology of the urinary tract describe equipment and its preparation
  • Examining and practicing with various items
  • Discuss the preparation of client, gaining consent, maintaining Dignity and environmental preparation
  • Describe the principles of asepsis in catheterisation
  • Outline the procedure of catheterisation
  • Demonstration and practice male and supra-pubic on model
  • Discuss issues related to Health and Safety
  • Describe the observation of urine, colour, odour, consistency and amount
  • Discuss safe disposal of equipment and contaminated waste
  • Identify special precautions and methods including bladder washout
  • Discuss the care and management of a client bypassing urine
  • Participate in trouble shooting and discussion of individual client needs
  • Describe the packing, labelling and despatching samples
  • Explore Re-catheterisation – when and how this should be carried out
  • Describe Intermittent catheterisation including ISC

Who is the course aimed at?


This course is aimed at Trained Nurses only.


Cost and Duration:


3 Hours

£25.00 Per person or

£210.00 per course

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