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Aphasia / Dysphasia



  • Understand the need for a person-centred and strengths-based approach to support the well-being of individuals with aphasia / dysphasia (difficulties in speech)

  • Describe the problems of living with aphasia

  • Understand the underlying condition of speech difficulties

  • Understand the need to help in co-ordinating care for a person with speech difficulties

  • Understand some of the underlying causes of difficulties in speech

  • Understand some of the common effects / presenting symptoms of speech difficulties

  • Understand the processes of communication difficulties and the effects on the individual

  • Describe the difficulties in producing language

  • Describe the difficulties of understanding language

  • Describe the difficulties in reading and writing

  • Understand some ways to support families and friends of those with speech difficulties to develop understanding and coping strategies

  • Describe how to communicate better with the person who has aphasia

  • List other organizations and individuals who may help with aphasia

  • Top tips for talking with people with aphasia


Who is the course aimed at?


This course is aimed at all care staff both as initial learning and a refresher.


Cost and Duration:


3 Hours £25.00 per person or £210.00 per course


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